Sensitive Cleansing Gel 50ml: Cleansing face and eye gel specifically formulated for sensitive skin and frequent use. — Exfoliating Enzyme Gel 20ml: Exfoliating face gel that combines the enzymatic exfoliation of prickly pear without irritation, with the soothing, moisturizing effects of urea and aloe. — Vitamin B Complex Serum 10ml: Serum containing Vitamin B Complex and the specialized ingredient Redyless that immediately relieves the skin from irritations, reduces erythema and moisturizes. — Azulene Calming Mask 20ml: Azulene clay mask that instantly soothes sensitive and irritated skin, moisturizes and restores its natural balance and defense. Use: Apply a thick layer to face and neck optionally, allow to dry for 15’ and remove with lukewarm water. — Hydra Calming Cream 30ml: Cream that moisturizes, relieves skin from irritations, inflammations and protects it from harmful environmental factors.

Sensitivity Home Therapy Kit

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